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Civil Unions, SB 30 Is Wrong

March 23, 2011

“SB 30 is a flawed and unnecessary bill. The reported legal protections and rights are logical and can be dealt with outside of this legislation. It attempts to create a parallel path to marriage when there can be no parallel to marriage. Over 300 years of American History supports this claim.
Not every marriage lasts forever nor does it produce children but the institution remains the foundation of the family in this country.

Homosexuals demand public affirmation of their relationships which are rightly protected by law as relationships between consenting adults but the flawed attempt at this affirmation by inching toward obliterating any distinctions between homosexual unions and heterosexual unions of any kind is wrongheaded.
Our sincere hope is Gov Markell will spend all of his time securing a better financial future for this state and a better economic future for Delawareans. ”
Mike Protack

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  1. maureen bauer permalink
    May 2, 2011 11:42 am

    Any step towards recognizing a homosexual relationship as a legal union is a step in the right direction. Any couple whether heterosexual or homosexual deserves the same rights. A step towards that may be civil unions. It’s progress and it is much appreciated by the people.

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