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New Party Chair

March 1, 2011

From a Townhall Meeting with Rail Splitters

What kind of person do we want for our new Republican State Chair?
Key challenges and Tasks:
1.    Grow the party
2.    Build the tent
3.    Address Moral Decline
4.    Improve communications with minorities
5.    Fix unsolvable internal divide with strong, principled leadership (super star hero / role model)
6.    Reaching out to students
7.    Effective and modern communications with feedbacks
8.    Strong party platform – with party message with effective media communications
9.    Raise money
10.    More effective ground game
11.    Build coalitions with like-minded business groups (secular and religious)
12.    Technology plan
13.    Help personalize the party and reach out to the public
14.    Building respect – being a good listener
15.    More aggressive in proposing our solutions, ideas and responses.
16.    Willing to visit all areas of the state. Thinks outside “the box.”
17.    Skilled and talented executive director / more worldly staff.
18.    Speak plain talk that average/every  American can understand
19.    Attracting candidates – build party
20.    Full time communications director (raise money to fund)

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