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Civil Service Protection in Wisconsin?

February 23, 2011

Here is the rub:

(2) Employees with permanent status in class in permanent, sessional and seasonal positions in the classified service and employees serving a probationary period in such positions after promotion or transfer may be laid off because of a reduction in force due to a stoppage or lack of work or funds or owing to material changes in duties or organization but only after all original appointment probationary and limited term employees in the classes used for layoff, are terminated.
(a) The order of layoff of such employees may be determined by seniority or performance or a combination thereof or by other factors.
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  1. Rod permalink
    February 25, 2011 5:19 am

    These civil service protections are very limited safeguards for the employees. If Walker is successfull in taking away the collective bargaining, nothing is safe. Slave Labor! He will have litterally busted the unions. Even the private sector will be at risk all across the nation. He has tried to do this in the past in Milwaukee with dissasterous results, ask the security guards at the court house in Milwaukee. He is also working closely with the Koch Bros. and is working to sell off the public owned power plants in Wisc. to them. This will give them a monopoly in Wisc. Then watch out for heat and electric bills.

    Wisc. has always been instumental in the advancement of workers rights , both public and private. If Walker gets his way big corporations will be able to run this country , not the people. Obamma is to radical on one end ; Walker is to radical on the other end.

    By the way ; according to the ways and means commitee of Wisc. ; Wisc. would have a surplus of $121,000.000.00 Except Walker passed his tax cuts for BIG Buisness worth almost $150,000,000.00 Which put us behind. Polititians and bureucrats spend money frivolusly for worthless projects ; and now expect all of us to pay so they can continue to spend as they want. They should start to cut there and at the exsessive management types before the blue collar workers. Any good manager knows that your blue collar workers are assets not liabilities. Excessive management is a liability; and in state government there is definately excess in management.

    Also what about these inefficient programs and programs that are being abused? To use a medical phrase ” First, Do no Harm! ” Taking collective bargaining will do harm . It’s because of the unions we have weekends off. It’s because of unions we have a minimum wage . It’s because of unions we have laws against child labor, and equal rights for women, etc… It’s because of unions there is a middle class. And so much more. Let Walker bust the unions and we all fall back to where we were in the 1930s and we will have a bigger seperation between the rich and the poor (no middle).

    Collective bargaining gives the employee some say in the fair treatment . Without it some state employees could be working 7 days a week 16 hours a day or more at straight time. Overtime pay could be a thing of the past. And without it, some supervisors would not be held by cost restrictions to responsibly control the overtime. And forget seniority. It would mean nothing. Favoritism would be the norm. and there is nothing you could do about it except quit or die working.

    Wisconsin started collective bargaining. It was needed then , It’s needed now. It may not be perfect but unless Walker negotiates with the unions and listens (and he already has said he won’t) We are all in trouble. Where’s the Democracy in how he is handling this.

    Finally; He’s been saying without this bill he will have to lay off 1500 workers now and another 5-6000 workers later. These are tax payers as well. how is taking their taxes and paying them unemployment going to save money for the state ? And if that happens you can add on Badger care as well ; Which by the way is better insurance than most of the state employees have now. Most even pay a portion of their insurance now and have to buy dental and optical insurance through the union or they would not be covered. Not a Cadillac program like Walkers. Also when Walker compares state workers to federal workers ; Give me the federal plan and pay any day. It’s much, much better.

    Union workers negotiated there contracts every two years in good faith. The polititians in the past negotiated in good faith. If something was unacceptable for either side it was negotiated in or out. If there was a stunbling block , an independent mediator decided it. Walker WONT negotiate on anything even when it has NO effect on the budget. That’s just wrong!!!!! Dictator?

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