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GOP Reform in a Nutshell

January 20, 2011

Making the Delaware the First State in a Great Nation


Now more than ever it is necessary for the Delaware Republican Party to escape its past procedural policies to evolve into a vibrant, alive and relevant force in Delaware Politics. As a party we must become inspirational in our outlook as we seek to protect freedom, liberty and opportunity.


Most things in life are the result of human action but few are the result of human design. The Delaware Republican Party is no different. We lack strategy, direction and broad participation and the results are clear. In the last 20 years our statewide candidates have lost by an average of 18% against some pretty meager Democrats. The results are what I call the 40’s.


  • 40% of our students drop out of high school or are unprepared for college/work.
  • 40% of our children live in single parent homes.
  • 40% of our national spending is borrowed money
  • 40% of our residents retire with no tangible assets
  • 40% of our residents do not vote
  • 40% of our state legislators work for the state or have been in the legislature more than 20 years.


The following is a summary of how we can improve the communication and effectiveness of the Delaware Republican Party. The intent is to advance our cause, grow our party and make Delaware the First State in a Great Nation.


  • Maintain an office in Dover during the Legislative Session with the State Chair an active participant.
  • Reform the Executive Committee to include the following as members (all voting) State Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, all Regional Chairs and the following standing committee chairs (Technology, Communications, Veteran Outreach, Small Business, Minority Outreach, Finance, By Laws and Rules, DFRW, Young Republicans, College Republicans and Candidate Recruitment)
  • All Regions shall have the same structure as the State Executive Committee
  • Two conventions a year. In even years there will be a fall convention before the primary in September to endorse state wide candidates and a spring convention to entertain by laws, hear regional reports from all committees and rules along with statewide candidate speeches. In odd years the spring convention will elect National Committee Members, state wide Republican committee positions, review the state platform and the September Convention will vote on the state platform and vet statewide candidates for the next year.
  • All voting at all levels will be with serialized ballots.
  • All statewide and regional elections will provide candidates with the same information available on Delaware voter files for each voting member at least 15 days before any election.
  • Minutes of all executive meetings at all levels will be available online within three days of the monthly meeting which will be announced two weeks before the date.
  • State Chair and Vice Chair must be from different counties as will the National Committee Members.
  • At no time will any member of the state executive committee engage in any inflammatory, derogatory or accusatory speech (print, radio or online) against any Republican Candidate. The state executive committee will vote by simple majority within seven days on this matter and any candidate may raise this issue and any member in this sort of activity will be dismissed.
  • All statewide executive committee members will publish annual goals on within 30 days of election to that post. These results will be discussed at the spring convention and non attainment of these goals will require a state committee vote of no confidence.
  • Convention example 2011 April- vote on National Committee Member, statewide committee members, prep for statewide platform and hear from any potential statewide candidates (5 mins). September 2011 debate/vote on State Platform and 5 minute speeches from candidates. April 2012 hear regional and committee reports, by laws and hear from statewide candidates, update platform. September 2012 endorse all statewide candidates.


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  1. kilroysdelaware permalink
    January 20, 2011 10:19 pm

    “40% of our students drop out of high school or are unprepared for college/work.”

    Delaware’s high school dropout rate 2009-2010 is 3.9% and the graduation rate is about 85%. This is what DEDOE reports. 3.9% is historical 30 years low.

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