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Mike Protack Reveals Substantial Reform Plan for Delaware GOP

January 19, 2011

Former U.S. Senate and former Delaware Gubernatorial candidate Mike Protack revealed major structural and procedural proposals today to the Delaware Republican State Commitee in hopes of sparking an era of reform.  Protack hopes the reform efforts will pave way to future electoral wins and set guidelines for decorum by state Republican Party leaders.

The reform proposals come on the heels of another round of electoral losses for the Delaware Republican Party.  The Party lost all statewide races with the exception of twenty year incumbent State Auditor Tom Wagner, all DE House races where there was a challenger and only picked up one DE Sentate Seat (Dave Lawson of Dover).  To address the structural issues, Protack proposed additions to the composition of the Delwarare Republican State Commitee.:

Section 5. The state executive committee shall consist of the state chair, vice chair, Treasurer, Secretary, all Regional Chairs and the following support committee chairs;
Technology, Communications, Veteran Outreach, Small Business Outreach, Minority Outreach, Community Outreach, Finance, By Laws and Rules, DFRW, Young Republicans, College Republicans and Candidate Recruitment.

Notably the major reforms outlined refer to decorum of party leaders.   The addition of an expect behavorial clause is directed at the inexcusable behavior by Party Chairman Tom Ross who directed sexist hatred at 2010 U.S. Candidate Christine O’Donnell prior to her historic primary win.  Ross stated Christine ‘could not be elected dogcatcher’, and also facilitated the FEC complaint of which Christine must resolve.  The behavorial clause reads:

Section 1. At no time will inflammatory, derogatory or accusatory speech be tolerated by any DSRC member in a public setting (print, radio or online) against any Republican candidate. The DSRC will vote to judge if such speech is within the limits of this section and any candidate may raise this issue with the DSRC.

The revised proposals outlined by Mike Protack inject real reforms into a state of chaos currently being executed by Tom Ross and the current State Committee.  Tom Ross’ inflammatory remarks and actions towards Christine O’Donnell may have cause irreparable harm on future candidates willing to step forward to run.  Hopefully, Protack’s proposals and guidelines, along with a new executive commitee will put the Delaware Republican Party on a path to recovery and victory in the very near future.

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  1. Wally Brown permalink
    April 18, 2011 7:43 pm

    I stated these points after John Sigler spoke at the 912 meeting regarding the “Rhino”s and our Republic.

    NOTHING was going to change until the REPUBLICian party decides that the name actually means what our founders intended our Government to be, A Republic!

    This is stated in the letters to George Mason by St. George Tucker in 1786-87 stating in detail what the elected could and could not do. Those who are elected will do the will of the people ONLY! They represent our desires exclusively, to that extent only, and will safeguard our Rights and Property first at all times. Any other course of action is Fraud, is a Felony, and is Treason.

    This is after the GOP returns to basics. NOW, to get there…

    The Delaware Republician Party MUST start “Class Action” law suits against everyone and everything operating outside the Constitution.

    Start with Beau for not complying with Article 4, section 4, as he must since he took the oath, go after every Judge who makes unconstitutional decisions, and every elected, appointed, and hired who violates their oath regarding the Constitution. 4,4 states the ONLY form of government is a Republic (An Oligarchy is NOT IT), and demands the Attorney General enforce it.

    The people decide the issues, not the elected. The people decide the taxes, the “laws” to be passed, and the Rights and Property of the People are Holy and NOT to be touched.

    I guarantee once this becomes news, the people will start saying “Finally,” and will flock to the GOP. They will support the principals. By election day 2012 more people will be voting those people who backed these efforts and helped return proper government to the People than the NAZI’s can count.

    IF this is Not done, then 2012 is either the last election because of the coming civil war, or it is the last election the Republican Party has a candidate in, as no one will belong to it.

    May God Bless these words, Amen

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