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Do You Trust Wiki Leaks?

December 9, 2010

If you are a liberal right now you are basking in the subtle  destruction of

our national image  and ability to conduct international relations. You aslso believe that anything in the Wiki leaks came right from a stone tablet.

Are you sure? Do a quick search and you will find source after source about WMD presence in Iraq, pre invasion. That fact does not settle the issue of was war the best way to control the possible use of WMD, that debate will go on for a long time.

What it does do is erase the “Bush Lied” mantra which gave liberals so much glee. Liberals love to demonize anyone who opposes them as  it is better than having the facts or a policy.

So, the next time an out of touch America hating liberal dumps on Bush for no WMD’s have a good laugh and smile at what fools there are in this great country.

Bush kept us safe, Obama is incompetent. Underwear bomber, Ft Hood, Times Square and others. National security is not the province of a community rabble rouser.

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