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Delaware Liberal Is Still Stupid

December 8, 2010

DL-Congressional Democrats are finally speaking passionately about economic issues – stimulus, unemployment and taxes.

From the real world. Democrats have spoken about stimulus, unemployment and taxes. They gave us a stimulus bill which did not work, 10% unemployment and want to raise taxes.

DL-The media is finally covering what Democrats are saying, and more importantly, what progressives are saying.

From the real world.Progressives are saying nothing of merit, they have talking points but under Obama the spread between rich and poor has widened.

DL-In my opinion, Obama’s press conference was the first time that the full import of Republican obstructionism was explained in a way that the American people can understand. Plus it was covered by the media.

From the real world. Democrats still enjoy a super majority in both Houses and they have the White House. They have had such a set up since 2009 yet they could not and would not act.

DL-The mask of Republican hypocrisy on the deficit has finally been ripped away in public. All news story lead with the cost of the deal to the deficit and Republicans shrugging it away.

From the real world. Obama’s touted deficit commission failed to produce an agreement nor does the President have any plans for budget control now or in the future. The mask is held by the democrats and it is a very scary mask of no plan, no leadership and no ideas.

Mike Protack


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