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Track the Lies On Obama

August 1, 2010

A good score card.

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  1. Tom Smith permalink
    August 7, 2010 7:16 am

    We need to get some new non-encumbered by PACTS or power brokers representatives in Washington. This would be best be accomplished by representatives that don’t turn their backs on the voters that elected them.

    I am looking for such talent that does not vote for socialist polices, have “beer summits” that belittle the US to other countries, and act arrogant to the elecorate while flooding the gulf with oil while blaming BP and not organizing an effort to fix the problem. I am looking for leadership that takes accountability for fixing what is not not working, not blaming others (BP, the “lost (Republican generation, etc.) for what is.

    I want a leader that focuses on jobs & the economy not pet projects like helathcare which certainly needs fixing but in the scheme of things is not a priority.

    Their is a young electortant out there (I’m not) that doesn’t want to vote for the next old Republican (DOLE) that is in the republican party lineup. You have to put forth canididates that have good ideas, morals, demonstrted leadership, & that has chance of winning.

    The Democrats are socialists and we either need to change the electorate or move out of a socailist US.

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