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The Mike Castle-George Soros Connection

July 29, 2010

This is nothing but a ploy because Mike Castle cannot defend his liberal voting record and his ties to George Soros, Van Jones, and Obama. I hate to scare the members of the GOP who back Castle, but Castle is in so deep with Soros, Van Jones and Obama there is no way he is for anything the GOP is supposed to stand for. Just no way.

Michelle Malkin linked Castle to Republican Main Street Project (funded by George Soros) in this 2005 article:

Castle got his basis for his vote on Cap&Trade from the Center for American Progress, where Van Jones (Obama appointee) is an “expert” on green job, environment:


Castle staff Kate Rohrer and this is where is gets good:

“When Congressman Castle senior staff member Kate Rohrer was questioned on why he looks to CAP for his justification, the immediate response was that “The Congressman would NEVER rely on them.” When confronted with his own press release (linked above), the answer was “Well who do you think he should turn to?” I then referred to the Heritage Foundation report on Cap and Trade and their analysis of the impact on Delaware. To this, the response was – “You can’t believe what they say – THEY ARE CONSERVATIVE”

So whose side is Castle on? Wake up. NO ONE CAN DEFEND THIS. So let me ask, why is Castle a Republican?

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  1. August 2, 2010 7:15 am

    And Castle just said that he wouldn’t “be part of the [Republican] opposition” in the Senate.


  1. Boot Mike Castle» Blog Archive » Mike Castle’s connection with George Soros

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