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The Dems Don’t Get It

July 14, 2010

from Baseline:

Blaming things on the Republicans in some vague sense (e.g., tax cuts) also doesn’t make sense to people.  If you want to get partisan, you have to connect the dots in a convincing manner – otherwise people will (rightly) tune out.
Does the problem here lie with the economic briefing that Axelrod received before going on air?  If so, changing those responsible would be an obvious first step.
But the issue may be deeper – or higher up the administration.  It is entirely possible, based on what we are seeing and hearing now, that even Axelrod and other members of the political wing of the White House don’t really understand what happened (the big banks blew themselves up) – and why they are now so powerless to do anything about it (after being rescued, the banks fought hard to block effective change).  The credit system remains fundamentally damaged and unfixed; this undermines expectations for the future in many ways and slows the recovery of jobs.

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