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Can Banks Save Their Image?

April 21, 2010

from Baseline:

The people who run big banks brutally crush regular people and their families on a routine basis.  You can see this in two dimensions

A. They are not inclined to treat their customers properly.  They have market power in particular segments (e.g., new issues or specific over-the-counter derivatives) and there are significant barriers to entry, so while behaving badly undermines the value of the franchise, it does not destroy the business.  Talk to some Goldman customers (off-the-record; they don’t want to bite the hand that hurts them).  Lloyd Blankfein still claims that the client comes first for Goldman; most of their clients are surprised to hear that.

B. Small investors also lose out.  Who do you think really bears the losses when John Paulson is allowed to (secretly, according to the SEC) design securities that will fail – and then pockets the gains?

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