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Good For Me, But Not For You

April 12, 2010

USA TODAY’s Steve Sternberg reports: ‘President Obama’s first medical checkup since he took office involved more than just a history, physical and blood tests. His Navy doctors also ordered CT scans, which are rapid-fire X-rays, of Obama’s coronary arteries and colon… ‘Mr. Obama appears to have been administered two cutting-edge, expensive diagnostic tests that exposed him to a radiation risk while likely providing no benefit to his care,‘ Redberg wrote in an editorial. What’s more, she says, his doctors’ zeal reflects one of the flaws in the U.S. health system that Obama’s administration is trying to fix. ‘It’s low-hanging fruit to rid our system of procedures and tests that we’re spending a lot of money on that are actually making people worse,’ Redberg said in an interview. ‘Multiplied many times over,’ she says, cases such as Obama’s burden society with huge costs and put patients in harm’s way.’


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