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Is This a Big F’ng Deal?

March 30, 2010

DR. JILL BIDEN, who teaches at Nova on Tuesday and Thursdays, will introduce the president. From her prepared remarks: ‘I see every day in my classroom just how hard my students work in order to pay their tuition bills. Often their family budgets are stretched to the limit. And when things get too tough — someone loses a job or a family member gets sick — college is often the first thing to go. Thanks to the leadership of President Obama, the Vice President, and the members of Congress here today, families across the country will find it a little easier to get to college and stay in college. … This bill increases investments in community colleges around the country to help these institutions do what they do best — prepare our students for the workforce of today and tomorrow.’

from Politico

Nope, fix K-12 first.

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