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Russia and Israel, The Cairo Speech is Forgotten

November 16, 2009

The underlying weakness of the Obama administration is now evident in spades. The Iranians have clearly rejected a UN brokered deal on Iranian nuclear weapons and Obama knows it yet will not publicize it.

He is now going to the Russians who have us by a part of our anatomy which is not comfortable when squeezed. The Russians have squeezed the Europeans with natural gas and energy not they will try own us by keeping us out of their regional business, evidenced by the sellout on BMD to Central Europe. More squeezing is taking place now for economic investment.

Iran and Russia see the Obama team as weak, unfocused and unable to follow through on policy. George Bush was seen as a quick draw while Obama is seen as forever talker and thinker.

Israel has quietly but forcefully told Obama No on every policy  issue and now Russia is the key player in the Middle East.  The Cairo speech was all hot air.


As the world moves toward huge threats imposed by Iran and others Obama dithers.

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