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A Real Democrat?

November 12, 2009

Sen Ben Nelson from politico:

Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska tells ABC News that he’ll vote to block any health care bill that looks like the bill passed by the House. ‘Well, first of all, it has more than a robust public option, it’s got a totally government-run plan, the costs are extraordinary associated with it, it increases taxes in a way that will not pass in the Senate and I could go on and on and on,’ Nelson said … ‘Faced with a decision about whether or not to move a bill that is bad, I won’t vote to move it,’ he added. ‘For sure.’ The $1.1 trillion price tag on the House bill, Nelson said, is ‘absolutely’ too high. Nelson’s vote is critical to getting a bill passed because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid needs 60 votes before the Senate can even begin debating the bill. With all 40 Republicans currently opposed to it, Reid needs the votes of all 60 Democrats. There is one thing about the House bill, however, that Nelson does like: the strict ban on any abortion coverage by insurance plans bought with government subsidies. Unless the Senate bill includes a similar provision, Nelson said, he’ll vote against it.’

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