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November 10, 2009

The honor and luster of public service is gone

and not because of voters. Senator Tom Coburn

had to stop delivering babies as an OB/Gyn for free

because the Senate Democrats said he would

violate ethics by charging a fee to cover his malpractice

costs, read some more.

DR. NO PROFILE: The Washington Post’s Mary Jordan captures the irascible Tom Coburn at work, as usual, bashing the Senate: ‘Tom Coburn is a Southern Baptist deacon, a family man married to a former Miss Oklahoma, a white-coated physician back in Muskogee who has delivered more than 4,000 babies and sees patients free of charge every Monday.

But there’s a darker side of the story, something that Coburn, a Marcus Welby type in ostrich-skin boots, confesses is his less honorable side. He’s a member of the United States Senate. ‘I would fire us all,’ Coburn says, blasting Congress, as he does every chance he gets, as a place populated by people who don’t do a whole lot to make the country a better place. ‘I don’t get my identity from being a senator,’ said Coburn, 61, a Republican. ‘I may get some of it from being a doctor . . . a real honorable profession.’

‘Coburn has no faith that Congress will improve America’s health care system and says the Senate even makes it hard for him to heal the sick. He recently had to stop delivering babies and now only sees a few patients for free because of what he calls absurd rules governing outside compensation for U.S. senators.’

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