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Why Do The Democrats Fight E Verify?

July 23, 2009


1 in 4 New Hires Vetted by E-Verify
New Data show 274% Growth since 2007

WASHINGTON (July 23, 2009) – E-Verify is now being used to determine work authorization for 1 in 4 new hires nationwide according to numbers released to the Center for Immigration Studies by the Department of Homeland Security on July 4, 2009. This increase has occurred even though the E-Verify program remains voluntary at the federal level, with only 12 states requiring its use in some manner by employers. The report containing these numbers is at

In 2007, when E-Verify took its current form, it was used to screen 1 in 19 new hires nationwide. The new figures represent a 274 percent increase, if usage remains steady for the remainder of this year. The number of queries so far in 2009 is about 6 million, nearly what they were for all of 2008 and twice that for 2007. If the current rate of use continues, E-Verify will be queried nearly 12.3 million times this year.

E-Verify is being used at 511,228 worksites, up from the 400,000 reported by the Department of Homeland Security in January 2009. A total of 134,702 employers have signed up to use the program. The industry sectors most using E-Verify are in the “professional, scientific and technical arena” with 72,946 employers signed up, more than twice as many as any other industry sector. Down at 20th in ranking are construction firms, at 7,959 employers using the system.

E-Verify enables cheap, efficient, and accurate compliance with the federal ban on hiring illegal aliens. More than 96.1 percent of all queries are automatically verified as employment-authorized in seconds, as discussed in Janice Kephart’s September 2008 report, “If It’s Fixed, Don’t Break It: Moving Forward with E-Verify” ( The number of non-confirmations projected for 2009 is 488,000, about 4 percent of the total number of queries. But far from representing a cause for concern, this is yet more evidence that E-Verify is doing its job, considering that 4-5 percent of the nation’s workforce is comprised of illegal aliens.

The one weak point that remains is a small problem with false positives. Continuing to make available digital photos from IDs issued to non-citizens is important to reducing identity theft, as is adding in passport photos and driver’s license photos as soon as possible. DHS will need to work hard to keep ahead of fraud – like it does with any program reliant on identity verification.

This report was prepared as testimony for a July 23, 2009, hearing before the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Subcommittee on Government Management, Organization, and Procurement.

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The Center for Immigration Studies is an independent research institute that examines the impact of immigration on the United States.

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  1. brittanicus permalink
    July 23, 2009 10:34 am

    It tends to make a lot of good people despondent and at the least susceptible, when they read, watch and listen to the maverick storm of media ads, thumping down President Obama’s health care initiative? Much of the rambling artifacts are the Simon and Lois ads of the Clinton administration, heavily armed against any revisions in this issue that wealthy insurance companies and subsidiaries won’t tolerate.

    They insulted the senior citizens with their propaganda and bald faced lies about the European government run health care system. Being originally an Englishman myself, I guarantee in the 1960’s, we had a unique form of medical services, inclusive of eye and teeth. Even government run medical care in Australia was exceptional. It did plummet down somewhat, when business starting recruiting foreign labor from the commonwealth and Northern Europe. Many were out for a free financial ride and got it, along with their large families that British citizens have to support with their limited pounds sterling.

    Just as the anti-governmental health care extremists have been pounding the airwaves, the open border, globalist is now subjecting the American people to a torrent of inflaming immigration polls. But like all polls they can be intentional manipulated, in exactly how the questions are worded? Sure they can keep their co-pays, deductibles and pre-existing small-print clauses, squeezing every penny from a hurting economy, but tell the–BLOODY TRUTH!

    It’s a sad fact that you cannot trust the Liberal slant regarding this searing problem, although not all Liberals are favorable to another AMNESTY? The Democratic leadership, hiding liberal views behind closed drapes tried to annihilate any good, workable illegal immigration enforcement laws. In an earlier session of the Senate an error was made with E-Verify, so it’s was fortunate to survive Sen. Reid and Pelosi’s notion? Anything that has an impact on removing illegal immigrants is intercepted by business oriented free traders.

    GOOGLE—illegal immigration–to find out their sinister intention, to just throw open the gates, ports and airline entrances to cheap labor, that also become the downfall of the European Union. the polling I have seen has been calculatedly –ENGINEERED–to get results, that they can brandish around, declaring the majority of Americans believe in a path to citizenship and open borders? Already the Democrats are ready to flag the Save Act, 287(g) local police enforcement to weaken these laws.

    Currently both issues have heavy fallout, and you the voter should let your Senator or Representative know your opinion on either matter at 202-224-3121—BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. Both have massive consequences in costs and quality of life in your future and generations to come.WE MUST SAY NO AMNESTY! SEAL OUR BORDERS AND NO MORE FREEBIES TO ILLEGAL ALIENS. THEY ARE THE CRIMINALS, NOT AMERICANS WHO SACRIFICE TAXES FOR THEM ALL? GOOGLE–NUMBERSUSA for details our government and the media have a nefarious talent, for keeping facts under wraps?
    Copy & Paste and distribute freely

  2. brittanicus permalink
    July 23, 2009 1:13 pm

    From the beginning its been previous administrations ultimate fault that illegal immigration has never been retired. Years of neglect and intentional overlooking of the laws that were in place? It’s grandiose excuse to allow the 20 million plus illegal immigrants to stay on American soil. Congress when enacted the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 has been flagrantly ignored. The IRCA toughened criminal sanctions for employers who hired illegal aliens, denied illegal aliens federally funded welfare benefits, and legitimized some aliens through an amnesty program–EXCEPT THESE LAWS NEVER WERE ENFORCED?

    There has always been complicity since the earliest days, between the lawmakers, big business, the open border zealots and radical pro-immigration and anti-American sovereignty organizations. Just like the Globalist they have an attitude that American taxpayers should accommodate every illegal family, with free medical care, schooling and a comfortable prison cell, for criminals and for the thousands of illegal alien drunken drivers every year. That globalist agenda has always been a free movement of cheap labor, between all of South America, Canada and Mexico, just as secretly arranged with the 3 countries leaders in Waco, Texas, at the end of March 2005.

    Americans only forceful action is to build on E-verify, but not to replace it? Sen. Charles Schumer, D-New York and chairman of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on immigration wants consider up-grading the application, with modifications to authenticate the employee’s identity by using a specific and unique biometric identifiers? Schumer, stated “improving employment verification is critical to boosting public confidence about curbing illegal immigration, which will build support for comprehensive immigration reform.” These politicians just don’t get it? Outside of the American Civil War, there will be a battle over giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship free-ride? What about the millions of people with integrity and believe in the Rule of Law, who sit and wait in far off foreign countries for an entry visa?

    Whatever the outcome it will not be easy to pass any Immigration reform or AMNESTY? Say–NO– because it going to cost trillions of dollars (with a T) in enactment. Health care, Pensions, retirement and a rush on government benefits, for those who haven’t already cheated the system. Then they will want their immediate families here? And waiting millions will swarm the open areas of the sovereign border fence? IT WILL NEVER END? Call your Politician today at 202-224-3121 GOOGLE—NUMBERSUSA, AMERICANPATROL for facts, that will not be found in most press releases.

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