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The Health Care Debate: Let’s Try This Before We Do Anything Else

June 15, 2009

Before Obama, Pelosi and Reid bankrupt the country on a failed plan to nationalize our health care system, let’s implement this:

  • Tort Reform to reduce the number of medical lawsuits and cap the amount  in a lawsuit
  • Implement Digitized Records via existing Regional Health Information Networks (RHIN)
  • Implement the ability to payroll deduct a portion of pre-tax dollars to a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) that do not expire, and the amount rolls over

This would be Phase One  – a quick hit. 

The implementation of tort reform will cap the amount paid in medical lawsuits.  This serves two benefits – lower premiums as a result of lower medical malpractice insurance, and the attractiveness for more doctors to enter the profession. 

The implementation of digitized medical records reduce human error as a result of the inability to read doctor’s handwriting.  Prescriptions will be entered into the database record and printed, reducing errors within the pharmacy of filling the wrong prescription.  Filling tthe wrong prescription can be life threatening or even fatal.  Electronic records can be shared amongst doctors on the network, yielding higher quality of health care as a result of shared medical records. 

The last quick hit is the implementation of Healthcare Savings Accounts (HSAs).  The funding of HSAs can be done similar to a employer-sponsored retirement account.  A portion of one’s pay check can be deducted each payroll cycle into a money-market savings account (that rolls over and continues to grow), using pre-tax dollars.

All three of the these proposals are the first phase to making health care affordable using common sense.  They prove you do not need government-managed or owned health care to make it affordable.


Tort reform to limit medical lawsuits; implement electronic medical records (through existing Regional Health Information Networks), and automatic paychecks into a Healthcare Savings Accounts (that do not expire each year).

For the uninsured

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