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The Role of Corporations

May 30, 2009

Delaware and Corporations are like peas and carrots. That fact makes some happy and makes some livid.

The role of corporations in Delaware is one of mutual benefit and one of professionalism. In the cut throat world of law and the benign comedy of politics the Business Law is one of the bright spots of Delaware and not low hanging fruit to be abused by tax hungry spenders.

The truth is without the corporations here and the banks here Delaware would be broke. We should be proud of our Chancery Court, our dominant role in business law and the role we play in providing stability to the business world.

For hose who bemoan the scurrilous corporations and the tax protection we offer.  You must understand businesses and people respond to incentives and disincentives. When you impose complicated and punitive tax laws choices have to be made.

Our preeminent position in Corporate law exists not because we say so, it is because other states are not smart enough to compete.

Read the folowing:

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