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The Failure of Cities Like Chester, Pa

May 28, 2009

Some cities prosper, some cities die a slow and agonizing death. Close to Delaware, there is no better example than Chester, Pa.

Since the recessions of 70’s  and 80’s, Chester’s economy suffered severe losses as businesses moved out of the city. Made worse by a long history of government corruption, the city is now faced with deafening problems.

A quarter of the  residents are living below the poverty line, a 20% unemployment rate, the worst school district in the state, and one of the highest crime rates per capita in the entire United States.

What to do?

 A local state representative has said, “We need five things to achieve a solution. We have to take time, and have commitment, patience, courage, and love.”

Great intentions but Chester like other cities which is beneficiary of a long time single party rule and ever increasing levels of ineffective government.

Quite the contrary. Chester could do several things:

1. Deliver basic government services like safety and security.!OpenDocument–qW-4JoCFQQrFQodzDPUBw

2. Allow school independence and choice. Years ago Chester hired the Superintedent of the disgraced DC School system.

3. Abandon public housing and instead use private/public money to build and ‘grant’ homes to screened individuals along the lines of Habitat for Humanity and other private sector plans.

4.Reduce the size of government and increase the economic opportunities of the private sector

Time, and have commitment, patience, courage, and love but Chester needs real hope and real change.

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  1. May 23, 2011 12:18 pm

    i like plains

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