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Delaware’s Economic Prospects Look Bleak

April 20, 2009

In a recent study by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Delaware was ranked amongst its peers for economic performance and outlook.  ALEC ranked Delaware’s economic performance at 28 out of 50; and its economic outlook at 31 out of 50.  On the outlook, we are in the bottom half of the nation.

See the graphic for detailed explanation on the how the rank was compiled.

ALEC Delaware Economic Ranking

ALEC Delaware Economic Ranking

How did Delaware fare compared to its neighbors?

  • Better than Pennsylvania (economic performance ranked 46, ecomomic outlook ranked 42), and New Jersey (economic perfomance rank 40, economic outlook rank 46)
  • Worse than Maryland (economic performance ranked 17, and economic outlook 28)

Who fared the best?  Who fared the worst?

Utah fared the best with a economic ranking of 22, but an economic outlook of 1.  New York fared the worst with an economic performance ranking of 43, and an economic outlook of 50 (dead last).


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