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Why The Tea Parties Worked

April 17, 2009

Why the Tax Day Tea Parties Worked

The Political winds are changing and the impact will be felt at the ballot box.

This past week over 500 Tax Day Tea Parties were hosted on the 15th of April. and in Delaware there were five individual events. I was one of the organizers and speakers at the Wilmington Tax Day Tea Party which despite driving rain and 45 degree temperature had over 800 people show up for a well planned two hour event. Nationwide over 189,000 people took time out of their day not to log online, not to listen to a phone call but to show up and participate. They showed up to be engaged citizens and to put the political world on notice.

Universally, everyone was driven, excited, motivated and the media was surprised at the high turnout and the depth of feeling of the participants. Almost no one saw this coming. The so called experts, media/political and otherwise did not understand what was happening. In many cases, they still do not.

Let me offer a close up perspective. The reason the press and many pseudo elites did not see this coming is because so many of the Tea Party participants were first time or infrequent activists. The ages, backgrounds and political beliefs ran the gamut. The speakers at our event were a union member, a PhD level economist, a college student, a senior citizen, a financial expert, a Mother of two, and an avowed Libertarian. All different people from many political parties but all were the same in their belief that there was a detachment from reality and responsibility by our government at almost every level.

Importantly, this outpouring was not accomplished by any political party or elected official. In fact, the political elites who have been part of the problem have often stood by or participated in the very circumstances which have lead to the grassroots outcry on Tax Day.

This grass roots call was prompted by a chain of events. Huge spending increases, huge public debt and huge unemployment were topped by the final straw, massive and never ending bailouts for those who committed fraud and deception to achieve personal profit while politicians took political contributions from the same people who perpetuated this nightmare and our incompetent government stood by and did nothing.

Finally, The Tax Day fervor was fueled by the audacity of the banks, businesses and government/private entities who were enriched by capitalism on the way up but now somehow have embraced socialism on the way down. Our hard earned Tax dollars will be the piggy bank to fix problems we did not create nor did we ask for.

The impact of these circumstances will not mitigate for many years and the folks who showed up for Tax Day Tea Parties are not going away. Here in Delaware we are planning our next part of the struggle to return sensibility, accountability responsibility to every level of government.

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  1. Michael Kontras permalink
    May 3, 2009 8:56 pm

    Only 1000 people in delware.


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