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News Journal: Letter to the Editor Post

April 5, 2009

A great letter of the editor from The News Journal today on education reform:

With Superintendent Jim Scanlon announcing that he is leaving Brandywine School District, I think it is time we re-evaluate the future of the educational structure in the district and the state.

There are currently 20 school districts and a full Department of Education. Now would be a great time to merge a few of the districts. This would pool resources and free up money to spend throughout the newly formed district.

If that is not palatable, we could explore the role, size or even existence of the Department of Education for the state. With 20 districts, you don’t need an entire department to oversee the education process; that could be tasked to the superintendents themselves and reviewed by committee.

The final option would be to leave the position vacant, or even eliminate it. There are 18 schools in Brandywine School District. You could have the principals chart the path for the district and have a yearly rotation for district superintendent. We have a board of education and eighteen principals that are more than capable to complete the tasks needed.

Any and all money saved by these changes would go directly to the classrooms, where it rightfully belongs. I think none of these options are over-reaching or unrealistic. I hope our state representatives feel the same.   — News Journal 4/5/2009


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