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The Dumbest Thing Congress Has Done In A Long Time

March 20, 2009

Today the U S House voted to tax bonuses at 90% of any employee making more than $250,00 if their company received at least $5 billion in Federal Money.

Public retribution should not be the guiding force for public policy.

Think for a minute. At one firm the 30,000 employees averaged $362,000 and another the average was $263,000. We are pushing a tax for the few which will punish the many.

Again, taxes should be about savings, growth and investment not vengeance.

We lay out trillions of dollars with no strings attached and pass no reforms to make sure we do not have another financial meltdown yet Congress spends time on matters like this one.

This legislation will have the same effect as the Alternative Minimum Tax-zero.

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