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No Wonder Tim Geithner and Tom Daschle Didn’t Bother

March 14, 2009
  • Individuals and businesses spend 7.6 billion hours a year filling out tax forms for the IRS; and that figure does not even include the millions of additional hours that taxpayers must spend when they are required to respond to an IRS notice or an audit (those 7.6 billion hours consume the equivalent of 3.8 million full-time workers).
  • The cost of complying with the code comes to $193 billion; other experts think that assessment is too low and have come up with estimates approaching $300 billion.   The number of words in the code has grown by 2.3 million since 2001, meanwhile; in 2008 there were more than 500 changes to the tax code (other surveys have found that the code has been amended some 14,000 times since the mid-1980s).
  • Individual taxpayers find the return preparation process so overwhelming that more than 80 percent pay transaction fees to help them file their returns..

Source: Steve Forbes, “Taxpayer Heroine,” Forbes, March 16, 2009.

Parents should spend time with their children and families not the IRS .   

Businesses should spend time with new and future customers not the IRS .

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