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The Fallacy of Washington and Obama

February 23, 2009

Today the President hosted a conference at the White House to find a plan for financial stability. The President boldly said we can’t spend what we don’t have. Too bad he did not believe this statement a week ago when he proposed over a trillion dollars in spending and interest.
Worse, the meeting was held in Washington which can’t seem to settle the most simplest of issues let alone one so important.
The markets have seen through this dog and pony show and they have voted soundly with a no confidence vote. The President’s recent bill has over 9,000 earmarks and yet he has the temerity to propose a reactivated PAYGO where you have to find money on any new spending or spending cuts for tax cuts. PAYGO was exempt for the stimulus bill and it does nothing to reform entitlements which already exist. Fraud is the word which comes to mind.
Lastly, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to China first not because Asia is so important but because China holds the piggy bank to fund the debt we have hoisted on to taxpayers for the next generation. We have sold our souls to the very country who wants to replace us as the premiere economic and military power of the world. Shameful.

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