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Unite or Die

February 16, 2009


Glenn Beck is correct, as usual.  The above illustration modified from the American Revolutionary-era picture Join or Die, is brilliant road map to

unite conservatives under key principles and values.  His site outlines 12 key principles, and 9  key principles that conservatives need to embrace.  And they usually do!

The Twelve Values are:  Honesty, Reverance, HopeThrift, Humility, Charity, SincerityModeration, Hardwork, Courage, Personal Responsibility, and Friendship.

It is no irony that the Twelve Principles above echo the twelve points of the Boy Scout Law.  The Scout Law states a Scout(er) must be:  Trustworthy, Loyal , Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent

Four of the Key Conservative Values are directly “lifted” from the Boy Scout Law: Reverence (Reverent), Thrift (Thrifty), Courage, and Friendship (Friendly).  Rightly so, they are values that make America great.

The common themes between the 12 Conservatie Values and the Boy Scout Law continue with 9 key principles:

1. America is good.

2. I believe in God and He is the Center of my Life.

3. I must always try to be a more honest person than I was yesterday.

4. The family is sacred. My spouse and I are the ultimate authority, not the government.

5. If you break the law you pay the penalty. Justice is blind and no one is above it.

6. I have a right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, but there is no guarantee of equal results.

7. I work hard for what I have and I will share it with who I want to. Government cannot force me to be charitable.

8. It is not un-American for me to disagree with authority or to share my personal opinion.

9. The government works for me. I do not answer to them, they answer to me.

Again, the themes of Reverence, Bravery and Courage prevail in the 9 Key Values of Conservatism. 

As Conservatives, we must be brave and courageous and continue to fight against the government control, excessive taxation, our families and the right to work hard and thrive.  Those rights are given to us in the Declaration of Independence by these very words: “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness“.

We must continue to fight for the right to reject any position or positions that contradict our values and principles.  Just as the House and Senate GOP did last week by rejecting the so-called Stimulus Bill (HR1 – The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act). 

The House and Senate Republican caucuses rejected this bill because it will not make America good.  It will make America worse, by injecting $1.5 Trillion ($787 Billion plus interest) of new debt to our already bloated government, and forces us to pay more taxes (in the long run) by repaying the debt we did not ask for, and DO NOT need.  And lastly, because the bill is a violation of the “government works for me” principle.  This bill does not work for any American, other than the bureaucrats who wrote it.

Fellow Americans and Fellow Conservatives, we must unite behind the conservative banner and reject Obama’s New Deal.  We must reject the Pelosi-Reid Dog and Pony show and demand competence, thrift, and values in our policies and legislation.  We demand that our elected leaders in Washington promote Pro-Family, Pro-American values.

Until we win, WE MUST UNITE OR DIE!

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  1. timothy j. gibbs permalink
    January 24, 2013 11:13 am

    I was born in 1969. During my school years we had early morning rule call,moment of silence and pledge of allegence to the flag. Everyone who didn’t want to particapate stood there quietly. Now it’s the othere way around. I grew up with guns and was thaouhgt respect. Outside my freinds and I played army with fake guns and didn’t get in trouble for fake guns. I consider myself a patriot people have forgot who is incharge. SORRY ABOUT ANY SPELLING,A LITTLE UPSET.

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