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Fast and the Furious

February 16, 2009

There was a reason why Congress steamrolled the voting process last week on the gargantuan Porkulus bill last week.  House Speaker had a “important business trip” to Italy.  Her Office released a press release stating she was leading a Congressional delegation to discuss NATO alliance, defeating terrorist networks and global warming.

So let’s get this right Speaker.  You and your Senate puppet master, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) waived the 48-hour rule to allow for each member of Congress to read the bill, just so you can say “Caio” to Italy?  It is not like you had non-refundable tickets on a commercial airline.

Talk about a miscarriage of justice.  The hijacking of Congress continues…

The Pelosi and Reid Dog and Pony Show will have another update tomorrow.

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