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A Tribute to President George W. Bush

February 16, 2009

By Jason C. O’Neill, Delaware Republican Contributor

With the inauguration behind us; and the Obama Administration in full swing, our nation mourns for integrity, honor and common sense. Our nation is sad in honor of the undying loyalty and unwavering service put forth by our 43rd President, George Walker Bush. Mr President, we are indebted for your service to this great nation.

In honor or your service, here is our tribute:

We thank you for your commitment to the sanctity of life. You did not waiver, and protected the unborn from unnecessary embryonic stem cell research. You fought the opponents and stood firm and cut of the supply of embryonic stem cells to those that already existed. Mr. President, the unborn thank you.

We thank you for keeping our nation safe despite numerous attempts to hurt this country’s citizens and damage our infrastructure. You stood firm in the wake of September 11, 2001 and fought back. You reformed our government to keep us safe. You did not waiver to Libya and North Korea and they surrendered their weapons programs. Mr. President, we thank you for keeping us safe.

We thank you for fighting for freedom and democracy across the globe. You stood firm and liberated two countries from oppression and lack of freedom. You commanded our military into victory in Afghanistan and Iraq to topple evil regimes and laid the framework for their governments to have opportunity, prosperity and freedom for their citizens. Mr. President, the liberated citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan thank you.

We thank for the underprivileged throughout the world and this nation. Your generosity and undying humanity paved way for 10 million lives to be saved in Africa from diseases and poverty. America’s contribution to this noble and heartfelt cause pales those of previous administrations bar none. Furthermore, your leadership in wake of the devastating 2004 Asian Tsunami provide unprecedented aid to a cause of epic proportions. Mr, President, the impoverished citizens throughout Africa and Asia thank you.

We thank you for fighting for prosperity despite harsh economic challenges. You fought to keep hard-earned money in the pockets of American taxpayers. Your plan jump started the economy and it thrived. Mr. President, we and our wallets thank you.

We may not have always agreed with you, but you held your ground and your head held high. You did not waiver to popularity polls, nor did you compromise your convictions. You remained strong despite rising criticism, and divisive partisan attacks. You proved to this nation that adversity reveals character. No matter what others may think.

Mr. President, thank you for your undying service. We salute you! We wish you the best in your future endeavors.


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