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Mission of the Delaware GOP

February 15, 2009

This last election brought to a head many thing which had been brewing for a long time and unfortunately the national race made the results more profound. Somehow many Republicans think Obama won based on bad luck or events we could not control. The longer we believe that the longer we will not win.
Yes there was a decent amount of showmanship and many vague promises which have already unraveled but in the end Obama proved himself to be smart enough, caring enough and capable enough to solve the problems are country faces. 
 For the first time in 2008 the Republican Party lost college educated voters when barley a generation ago we won that bloc by over 20%.
 To get back in the winner’s column we have to back off one kind of message and push another kind of message.  The Republican Party must promote economic policies which matter to the Middle Class-health care, jobs, retirement and education.  Not the things people talk about but the things people worry about.  The Republican Party must reduce the perceived harshness of our social message, not dump our social message but certainly make it more friendly.
Bottom line, we must become the party of capability, competence and relevance.

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