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Obama Lied

February 13, 2009

President Obama Lied About Caterpillar Rehiring Employees if the Stimulus Passed

President Obama has been embarked on a magical, mystical tour to try to sell his stimulus bill to a country that doesn’t want it. He is not above saying anything to persuade the people that his stimulus package will work, including lying.
 President Obama told an audience at one of his gatherings that if only the Senate would pass his stimulus bill Caterpillar would hire back some of the people that they were forced to lay off. He claimed that the company told him they would hire back employees if the stimulus bill passed.
  This was an out and out lie, it was bullshit. Today the CEO of Caterpillar called out the president on his bogus lie.
  The CEO of Caterpillar said today that not only will Obama’s stimulus package not stop the layoffs from happening but that there would be more layoffs before the company began hiring again.

 President Obama was caught in another lie. He will do and say anything to pass his radical left agenda, the truth be damned.
 Today the CEO of Caterpillar basically exposed Barry Obama for who he is. He is a fraud, he is all style and no substance and most of his style appears to be lies. But he lies so well, he says it so well that people just want to believe him. We find out more and more every day however, that he cannot be trusted. His word isn’t worth the paper that it is printed on.

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